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"Educational Saving Accounts, or ESAs, allow parents to take money the state otherwise would spend on their children in the public system and put it on a restricted use debit card. Parents can spend this money on a wide variety of approved educational options, including private school, individual tutoring, online classes, and other services. Any money not used is rolled over for parents to spend in the future."

"Too many of today’s progressives boo and hiss at school vouchers, thinking they’re a Koch brothers weapon to kill public education. They should be reminded, as often as possible, that some of their left-of-center brethren (like him, him and him) see vouchers through a radically different lens and that, in fact, this progressive view goes back decades"

“Education Savings Accounts offer educational opportunity to children with special needs, regardless of their circumstances in life,” he said in a statement (hat tip: Jason Bedrick). “These unique children often face challenges which most will never fully appreciate. We owe it to them to provide access to academic resources best suited for their particular needs.” - See more at: https://www.redefinedonline.org/2016/03/special-needs-educational-choice/#sthash.7hMoAVkH.dpuf

"Education is a collaborative effort not a competitive one. What some clearly find threatening in religious private schools is precisely their greatest contribution. They have independent values and offer a different perspective on life. The secular society that understands and celebrates this is always at its best. School choice is ultimately about the choice of society."

"School choice is typically a state issue. When Congress debated long-overdue reforms to No Child Left Behind this year, school choice was not the main focus, or even a secondary focus. A few amendments came up that would have allowed federal funding to follow a child to his or her school of choice, but none were approved."

How does a parent choose between traditional public district schools and charter schools? Read these recommendations and let us know what you think.