Promoting equal opportunities in K-12 education

Making a Difference in Children’s Lives

We believe that every child is unique and, therefore, requires a variety of affordable options in order to find the educational environment that best suits their needs. For this reason, we promote school choice in Wyoming and across our nation.

Our Mission

Like so many others around the nation, our team in Wyoming has created a proposal for providing K-12 scholarship funds to low and middle-income families--the Wyoming Education Savings Account (ESA). Recipient families could apply WY ESA funds toward private school tuition, homeschooling curricula, online courses, community college courses, textbooks, transportation, and even college expenses. At the same time, the state of Wyoming would realize millions of dollars in savings. Read through our site to learn more about the Wyoming ESA, and join the effort to turn the WY ESA into law in 2017!

Customize your child’s education with the Wyoming ESA

States that permit ESAs allow students to receive their individual public school funding for private educational use. If you are the parent of a student who opts out of the public school system, you can use the funds towards your children’s private schools, homeschooling supplies, internet classes or college tuition. If the full amount of the public funds are not spent each year, your balance can roll over to the following year. This can help parents finance their children’s college education as well.

The Wyoming ESA will be funded by donations from mineral companies in exchange for severance tax credits. The funds will then be made available for low to middle-income families whose children are enrolled in private school or homeschool programs. With annual contributions of up to 50% of the costs to educate children in private schools, the state of Wyoming will also enjoy significant savings for each student who participates in the program.